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sunny, soapi, rocket, zoe AND MASTER FRICKING SHAKE


Niki he him INTP cancer 3teen bisexual agender 7/18


saw, captain underpants, reanimator, scream, bobs burgers, twf, american dad

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BYF : IM A YAPPER! I yap a whooolllle lot so if u dont wanna hear allat.. erm.. beware idk!! also im so awesome u might die from all this cool energy radiating off of me like its dangerous omg im just that awesome, cool, funny, cute, interesting, handsome, beautiful, rich, powerful, alpha, cool, funny, rich, interestiong, awesome, spectacular
DNI : regular dni criteria (racists, homophobes, etc), zionists, proshippers, dsmp stans.. but nothn else! if ur an adult u can interact jus dont be weird yay

shows/movies saw, captain underpants movie, mlp, scream, bobs burgers, aqua teen hunger force, american dad, the walten files

videogames resident evil, silent hill, lost in vivo, fatum betula, paratopic

other dog man, collecting cds, drawing YAY

music lemon demon, orgy, machines of loving grace, selena, oingo boingo, KMFDM, binki